What is SPEY Casting?

Spey casting is a fly casting technique dating back hundreds of years, originating in Scotland. It is in particular associated with its namesake river, the River Spey.


Spey casting utilizes the anchoring of the front of the fly line and leader on the water to do two things:


-Eliminate the backcast. This allows casting in tighter conditions where trees may prevent a backcast.

-Change Directions -An efficient way to recast the line from directly downstream to back out into the current.

Spey Casting has evolved leaps and bounds in the last few decades; from its beginnings targeting Atlantic Salmon to the present uses for steelhead, trout and much much more. Spey casting is now regularly employed on every continent (except maybe Antarctica:) with all kinds of tackle.

At its purest, Spey casting is an elegant, efficient, and enjoyable way to cast and fish!

Learn more about the History of Spey Casting with a great article by Eoin Fairgrieve found in Issue 6 (Fall 2014) of Swing the Fly which can be purchased and downloaded HERE.

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