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Swing the Fly is a blue collar magazine and always will be. You do not need to be a professional writer or photographer to be considered for publishing.  We welcome the submission of all quality content for review and are happy to work with you and provide constructive feedback to achieve the finished product. While we cannot guarantee the publishing of all content, we promise to review every piece with our utmost attention and get back to you in a timely manner. Thank you for your interest in contributing to the magazine.


General Guidelines for submissions are outlined below. Have something else in mind? We prefer quality content over hard guidelines.

Swing the Fly covers a wide variety of topics from perspectives on our sport, to people and places, flies and techniques and more. We are looking for unique angles on our sport, not just a story about your fishing trip...unless something really unique happened!

We do not publish "hot spotting" articles.


Feature Article         -Approximately 1200-2500 words and  least 10+ images of the highest quality.

Shorts                        - 100 to 1200 words and 0-10 high quality images. (We will consider about anything here.)


Poems                        -Anything goes!


Photo Essay             -15+ images of outstanding quality.


Photo essays selected for publishing will include an intro (200-800) words that explains the theme of the essay. Some examples are a place/river, season, or unique angle on our sport.  Each final photo will also include a caption of 1 or more sentences, these can be done after photos are selected by the editor for publishing.  Remember, the intro and captions draw the readers into the photos!


Fly Tutorial              -See back issues for help. A photo of each step with  short, concise instructions and an overall recipe for the fly.


Conservation Corner -A perspective piece or a call to action. We want to be involved in your conservation work.




-should be of the highest resolution possible.

Most modern smart phone photos can be used if your phone is set to the

highest resolution possible. 


-Jpegs over 10 mbs or TIFF files are best to use for full spread photos in the magazine.

Dropbox or WeTransfer are preferred methods of file sharing for large formats.

Contact us for an account to send to.

Fish Photos -We only publish photos of fish that have been properly handled and are close to/preferably in the water and strongly encourage KeepEmWet principles. 




All submissions should include a short bio about yourself (75 words or less) and a portrait oriented bio photo.




Swing the Fly compensates all authors with a print copy of the magazine and a special contributor's gift. Any additional monetary compensations or advertising trades should be agreed upon by both parties prior to publishing.

We greatly appreciate any and all contributions and help in growing the 2-hand community around the magazine. If there are any special requests, we will do our best to honor them.



Swing the Fly retains the right to publish any submitted materials in the magazine, website, social media and elsewhere at our discretion. 

We do not request exclusive rights to your materials but do ask that if you are going to submit them elsewhere that it be 3 months or greater post publishing in Swing the Fly or that if your materials have been previously published elsewhere please declare so at time of submission. Only submit materials that you have the rights to or have permission to use!

Instructions for Inquiries/Submissions:

Have an idea but aren't sure if it fits for Swing the Fly? Email us and inquire first!

If you have already prepared something that you wish to submit:

1) All text (including bio, photo captions, etc)  should be sent in a Word Document attached to the email. 

2) Photos can be sent via WeTransfer, Dropbox, etc. Or attached to an email if you are just sending a few.

3) Complete a Publishing Agreement by clicking HERE and filling out the form.

Any exceptions to the above rules should be clearly agreed upon via email at time of submission.


Submit to or contact for all questions relating to content. Thank you for your interest!


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