Learning to Spey Cast

Do you want to learn to Spey Cast?


Follow the steps below:

1: Learn Basic Spey Casting Terminology
  • Anchor - The portion of the line/leader that remains in contact with water during the Spey cast.

  • D-Loop -The aerialized portion of the line behind you during the Spey cast. Makes a visual D-Shape.

  • Touch & Go Spey Cast - Spey casts where your lines only briefly touches the water to form the anchor.

  • Waterborne Spey Cast -Spey casts that begin with the entire spey line laying anchored to the water.

  • Skagit Casting -A style of waterborne Spey casting originating in NW USA and primarily used with Skagit Spey Lines.

  • Scandi Casting -A style of touch and go Spey casting originating in Scandinavia, primarily used with Scandi (Scandinavian) style Spey lines.

  • Traditional Spey Casting -Spey casting revolving around longer lines such as short, mid and long bellys.

2.Consider a professional instructor, book or dvd.
Some that we recommend are below:
3. Make sure you have the right equipment.
We recommend visiting your local fly shop for the best advice.

Photo by Rick Kustich

Photo by Bruce Kruk

4. Practice!

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