A Handful of Flies from the Kola Peninsula: Part Two

April 3, 2019

The second post in a series of phone photos featuring the flies the author used during a week chasing Atlantic Salmon in Russia at the The Belousiha River Lodge. The beginning of the series can be found here.




Second Fly

This stubby, heavy purple thing was the second fly a Russian guide told me to use. Looking at this fly made me realize I was in a different world. It is a simple pattern designed to plunge through heavy current without creating too big of a profile. It did not look very fishy to me and wasn’t much fun to cast. It didn’t hook a salmon, but I bet something similar would let an angler fish heavy water with a dry line in the summer…. If you think being a little further down would make a difference.



Third Fly


I hooked the biggest fish of my trip on this fly. Chartreuse works everywhere. When it threw the hook after a third run into the backing, the guide turned away from the river a moment and might have been more disappointed than I was. And I the guy who had traveled for thirty hours to be there. When I re-gained my composure, I asked him how big he thought that salmon had been. He had gotten a better look at it then I had. He admitted that it had easily been a meter long. We don’t use the metric system in the United States, but I know that a meter is a big salmon. I later lent this fly to a friend of mine and he lost it in some rocks.



Fourth Fly


I don’t remember anything about this fly, but from the photo it is obvious I hadn’t entirely figured out how to cast a conehead well with a scandi line.



Stay tuned for Part 3 in a week, and if you missed part 1 click HERE.

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