Throwback Thursday: Lee Spencer on the Moose Hair Muddler

April 5, 2018

From "Moose Hair Muddlers and Fast Water" by Lee Spencer in Issue 2017.4 of Swing the Fly: 


"I designed the moose-hair muddler to wake well if not best over standing waves or other swiftly moving water. I do not generally fish slow, smooth tailouts. I don’t because I like my fly to move smartly across the water. I once read a Raymond Chandler short story while waiting out a swing in a smooth tailout. Waiting for a swing to complete itself in your average slow tailout – to me – lacks any interest. Cast and fish a moose hair muddler over deep water, over the swiftest water, and over the heads of runs. I think the toughness and vigor of moose hair helps this fly stand up to fast water."


Read the whole thing by purchasing issue 2017.4 in PRINT or Digitally.

 Lee Spencer and Maggie at Steamboat Creek-Photo by Joe O'brien


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