• Greg Fitz

A Handful of Flies from the Kola Peninsula: Part 7

The final post in a series of phone photos featuring the flies the author used during a week chasing Atlantic Salmon in Russia at the The Belousiha River Lodge. Thanks for reading along. The beginning of the series can be found HERE

This hitch tube sends shivers down my spine. It is barely even a fly: just a plastic tube, a thin black wing and a whisper of blue fibers of flash. The line is run into the tube through a hole melted in the bottom with a needle in order to make it wake on the surface of the water.

This particular fly is from by buddy Barrett, one of the co-owners of Faraway Fly Fishing. We had hiked for hours to get to a particular pool on the Belousiha River where the fast chute entering the pool was interrupted by a massive boulder. Below the boulder, the pool spread out and filled in perfect holding water. As if on cue, salmon rolled immediately when we arrived.

Barrett rigged the hitch tube and offered me the first chance at the pool. On my first cast the hitch tube sunk. He explained the balance of tension and speed required to get the proper wake. On my second cast, the fly swam across the pool a little better and he confirmed my correct technique. I stripped off a little more line and made a third cast. The fly waked across the fast seam off to the side of the boulder and swam into the slow water behind it. A salmon rose out of the depths, turned and gained speed and savaged the little hitched tube. Its back was out of the water by the time it reached the fly and it didn’t take the fly so much as it moved through the place where the waking tube had been. The image of it is seared into my mind and I bet I think of that salmon for the rest of my life.






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