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Highlights from 2018: Swing the Fly

Happy New Year

The end to 2018 brought a close to Swing the Fly's 3rd year in print. A total of 21 issues have now been released (12 print/digital & 9 digital only). In 2019, Swing the Fly will continue to adapt and grow. We vow to never let the magazine get stale or repetitive and will continue to look for new ways to explore the history and future growth of Spey-casting and swinging flies.

Above: Issue 2018.1, Aaron Goodis (photos) and Dana Sturn teamed up for a moving tribute to the Thompson River...and call for it's protection.

"How does a river shape the mind?? How does it work its waters into your veins? How does it reveal its mysteries? A decade of wading won’t do it. Catching one hundred fish won’t make you its own. Along the banks, among the sagebrush, poison ivy, prickly pear; in the shallows where parr hide among the rocks; and in the deep water that challenges your footing: a current moves through all of these, and with luck it will pull you under." -Dana Sturn (From "Valley of Giants")

In issue 2018.2, Dave McNeese shared with us his immense knowledge of the life of legendary fly tier and angler Syd Glasso.

“In those early years (approximately 1948 to 1956 – Ed.) I never saw another fly fisherman fishing for winter, or for that matter summer steelhead. I think I was the only local fly fisher going after winter fish and that was largely due to my newly developed sinking shooting heads. No one else had sinking lines and it was a waste of time to fish the heavy flows without a sinking line.” -Syd Glasso (Per Dave McNeese)

In issue 2018.3 of Swing the Fly, Averi Wratney taught us about the history and etiquette of the North Umpqua river. (Photos by Steve Yochum)

"Kathy Kreiter, current editor of the Steamboaters newsletter, the Whistle, was able to find the first printing of the etiquette. This is how it appeared in Vol. 1 No. 1, of the Whistle in 1967:


“In the good old days when it took real he-men to fish the North Umpqua River, there was a definite code of ethics. To this day, old timers would rather “fight than switch” to uphold his rights on the river. With the river road opening up resulting in more fisherman, many of the youngsters do not know the rules. To prevent mayhem and to keep peace along the river, an Old Timer was induced to set up the rules. His masterpiece follows:

A True Sportsman will:

  1. Be and act like a gentleman.

  2. Think of the other fellow who wants to catch a fish as much as he does.

  3. Not take advantage of either fish or fishermen.

  4. Not take more fish than he can use.

  5. Remember it is more honorable to release a fish than to eat it.

  6. Not go in the river close below or across from anyone fishing, nor cast his line near that of another fisherman.

  7. Allow the fisherman who arrives at the hole first to finish fishing it without interference.

  8. Not be a HOLE HOG. He should not prevent another from fishing a hole for a long time. He can either (a) have the waiting person join him; (b) tell him to pass through and fish below; or (c) vacate the pool entirely in favor of the other fisherman.

A true sportsman goes fishing not only to catch fish, but also to enjoy God’s gift of clear, sweet water, the forest, and all the creatures that live in them.

~ Ted Novis” (From Averi Wratney's article in the 2018.3 Issue)

In the recently released, 2018.4 issue, Rick Kustich teaches us about controlling the depth of our fly:

"Fishing depth is part state of mind and part science. It is a balance between a personal preference of where to fish the fly with the rigging and techniques to accomplish the task."

We hope you all had a great 2018 and are looking forward to 4 more issues of Swing the Fly in 2019!

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